2D Resources

Youtube Channels

Modern Day Jams: covers a wide range of topics such as anatomy, characters, vehicles

FZDSCHOOL: free videos covering a range of topics such as video games, feature films, theme parks, consumer products, toys, television commercials and set designs

Summer Classes

Brainstorm:  concept art, design and illustration focused private learning center based in Burbank, Ca.  Artist's from around the world gather to learn & develop in our friendly community.  

Concept Design Academy

Online Classes

CGMA 2D Academy



CtrlPaint: free digital painting lessons for beginners

Living Lines Library: free inspiring production art from popular movies like Hercules!

Grace Kum: inspiring blog!

Celine Kim: another inspiring blog

Maya Resources

As a club, we currently use Blender in every 3D workshop. However, we wanted to provide the below Maya lessons to help interested students.


Our lessons are inspired by Lynda's Maya Essentials 2011 training videos. If you are a Cornell student, you have access to all of Lynda.com for free!

The following lessons are old curriculum from our Fall 2014 semester. Hope you enjoy!